Patch 0.3.1




-Added challenges that can be enabled in Blood River*

(*Including a brand new mechanic, LANE PORTALS)

-Added new remix of "Pile 'em Up" to Blood River - "Cut 'em Down" by Molos

-Misses are now shown in the top left of Blood River

-Changed keybinds for opening the mods window in Blood River

-Announcer now announces a new record after death in Blood River

-You can now enable the Master's Bird in Blood River

-Removed difficulty settings in the Blood River, as it caused multiple bugs



-Added option to setting menu and on start-up to increase or decrease the screen size for different resolutions

-Changed Game Mode select screen to show more info and to be easier to navigate

-Added a warning if you try to play Blood River without beating the campaign



-Birds now give you a range buff for 15 seconds if you have full health

-Removed repetitive line at the end of the Wasteland's Edge lore

-Added sound to the level flags when they pop up

-Changed the lore unlocked ui element in the level select to wait for the level unlock animation to finish before playing

-Made adjustments to the background art of Wasted Ruins: Stage 3

-Removed Scooter Granny



-Fixed bug that allowed you to attack in multiple directions on the same frame

-Fixed bug where the settings would visually reset after changing scenes

-Fixed bug where some environment SFX weren't effected by volume sliders in the settings

-Fixed a spelling error in the level 1 end screen

-Fixed bug that allowed you to continue to navigate the main menu after loading a game

-Fixed bug where the spin attack could still trade

-Fixed bug that allowed you to cancel the spin attack into a normal attack, causing the spin animation to restart after every cancel

-Fixed bug that didn't reset current level data if you left the level through the death screen


"Thanks so much to everyone who supported Wave Cutter! This will be the last update for a while, as we're starting on a new game. But we hope you enjoy what's here!" - the Mo-Bros Team

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Aug 08, 2022
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Aug 08, 2022

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