Blood River (Endless mode) Update, 0.3


-Blood River (Endless mode)

*Put your skills to the test in this soon-to-be blood soaked river with endless waves of enemies!

*Including a brand new music track just for Blood River, "Pile 'em Up" featuring Molos.


-Wasteland Ruins

*featuring a new enemy type: Lancer. Dodges to the other side of the player when struck.

*Including new music track, "Storm Strider" featuring Howl Silva


-Play well, and you'll earn medals and lore.


-Learn about the enemies and areas through the lore book.


-Reduced health gained from completing a stage

*+Max health ===> +1 health

Dev note: "We felt this was a bit more interesting. It made scoring the player more forgiving, and allowed us to introducing the new 'clutch' and 'perfect' mechanics."

-Increased enemy wind-up before striking

*0.22 seconds ===> 0.26 seconds (15% increase)

Dev note: "This change might seem small, but we've found it actually makes it easier to get out of tight situation without using the spin attack"

-Added the Master's Crow

*A bird will now show up on certain stages that'll give you a health pack if you can hit it off him.

-Slightly decreased enemy spawn rate in certain levels for a smoother diffuculty curve.

-Some Corpse's bones give out on them.


-You can now save your game with 3 different save files.


-Updated visuals, added option to turn them on and off.

*While turned on, score is disabled

Dev note: "It would be a lot of work to balance the score around the different ways you can adjust the game."

*Added a way to adjust the amount of health regenerated.

*Added an option to disable The Master's Crow.


-Fixed a bug that allowed you to resume time without reverting the player hurt state by pausing and unpausing.

-Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to go back to the main menu if you returned to the level select from a level.

-Can no longer use the mouse in the menus.

-Actually fixed fading and timer based elements so they're a consistent speed, regardless of frame rate.

-killing an enemy that attacks you on the same frame (hopefully) no longer results in a trade, where you both take damage; but it's now an outright win for the player.

-Restart Level was removed from the pause menu due to it causing multiple bugs.

-Stabilized player hurtbox to no longer move forward with the attacks, which caused enemies to attack sooner then intended.


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