Demo Patch 0.2.1

Setting Menu

-You can now turn up game speed and lower your health for extra challenge.

Level Select

-Arrows were added to UI to make it clearer that it is, in fact, a level select

-The player now moves along the trail when moving to the next point.  (double tapping a direction will teleport player to point)

-The player now wiggles a little when trying to move to an inaccessible area. As well as changing the error sound to be more prominent.

-Clouds now look prettier then usual :)

(Artist's note: Current level select art is not final and will be improved and animated in due time.)
(A secret can be found that gives more then you'd think. 3.21.20)

Spin Attack

-Ring now flashes red and plays error sound when attempting to use spin while on cooldown.

-A sound is now played when the spin has recharged.

Bug fixes

-Fixed a spelling error in the death text

-Death text is now properly randomized after each death.

-The end level music volume is now affected by music/master slider.

-Level unlock animation no longer plays after beating/exiting previously beaten levels.

-Fixed the frame rate to 150 fps to fix a few fading elements.

-Stags now have footstep sounds. (pat pat pat)

Final note

"We've not fixed all the known problems in this patch, but some of them will be quite tricky to patch up atm. We've addressed all the major concerns as well as some other simple changes and fixes for now. Thanks everyone for playing our demo! It's been really awesome seeing people enjoy the game we've worked so hard on. It's been great for moral, I must say. We'll give it our all!" - Zane


WaveCutterDemo(Windows) 64 MB
Oct 21, 2021
WaveCutterDemo(Mac)Vers0.2.1.dmg 65 MB
Oct 21, 2021

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